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Blowin' Our Own Horn

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The Business of Marketing Consultancy

The Business of Engagement Consultancy

Go-To-Market & In-Market Strategies

Plant-Based Recipe & Menu Development

Crafting & Implementing Your Own
Corporate Vision of Greatness

This is the page where we get to dwell on our own greatness!


Founders theadlibgroup - marketing & advertising agency 1985-2013

Founders YamChops - North America's Original Plant-Based Butcher & Market 2013-2018

Founders Six Communities of Business Inc. (SixCob) 2013...

Author “From the Kitchens of YamChops” Cookbook 2018


Michael and Toni ran a multi-million dollar marketing and advertising agency for 27 years at which they reinvented client business after client business…and then…they took on reinventing themselves.


In 2013 they sold their agency and one year later they opened the doors to North America’s first plant-based butcher shop – YamChops. Lauded worldwide with hundreds upon hundreds of acknowledgements and media features, YamChops created not only a new business model, but also a new business category – "vegan butchery".


In September of 2018 they sold YamChops and took on a small group of select clients offering coaching and consultancy services. SixCob primarily serves producers and manufacturers with go-to-market and in-market strategies designed to produce results.

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