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Marketing Consultancy and

Engagement Consultancy


Marketing Consultancy: With more than a quarter of a century of marketing and advertising tucked firmly under our belts – we know a thing or two about producing results. We've strategized and rolled out campaigns for many of Canada's leading brands propelling them to unprecedented performance on regional, national and international stages.

Engagement Consultancy: Some call it sales but we call it engagement. After all, does anyone really want to be "sold"? Successful sales, in our never-too-humble opinions, has 0% to do with selling and 100% to do with service. We believe that, "what clients want more than anything is to know that you're more interested in helping them than you are in selling them."

Plant-Based Recipe and

Menu Development


Simply put - there is no way that a foodservice business can successfully operate today without a variety of properly prepared, sinfully delicious vegan dishes on the menu or in the product line-up. As a certified plant-based chef and vegan cookbook author, (along with maintaining a plant-based diet for nearly 50 years), Michael has what it takes to create everything from custom plant-based recipes to complete plant-based menus – and he can train you and your team to do them right each and every time.

Go-To-Market and

In-Market Strategies


We regularly get calls from producers and manufacturers seeking help getting their "revolutionary" and "much-loved" products on retail shelves. When asked about the basis for these claims and why these products are going to be the hottest, coolest things to hit retail shelves EVER...the answer typically goes something like "well, we haven't done any research, or any pricing, or any planning for distribution, or any design work...but, EVERYBODY loves our goodies!".

From design to costing to pre-launch fan building to co-manufacturers (if needed) to distribution...and everything in between, we know what it takes to successfully launch and market products in the rapidly growing plant-based space.

We've delivered for a lot of

great companies

In part, they include:

Loblaws – spokesperson and recipe development (Loblaws Near Me, Summer Produce Campaign)

SoL Cuisine – recipe and product development, marketing consultancy, brand representation, spokesperson

Pusateri’s – recipe and product development, marketing consultancy

TVA – cooking workshop leaders

Pasta Tavola – recipe and product development, marketing consultancy, engagement consultancy

Welsh Bros. Farms – marketing consultancy, engagement consultancy, product development

Stokes Vegan Cheese – marketing consultancy

Shine Influencers – engagement consultancy

Dr. Shane Williams – cooking workshop leaders

NanaShake - marketing consultancy, engagement consultancy

Alex Lombardi - strategic development, marketing consultancy, engagement consultancy

And, of course,

YamChops – everything…and more…

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